Working with Colors and Specifying Colors

You can assign colors to layers as well as to individual objects in a drawing. Each color is identified by a name or an AutoCAD Color Index (ACI) number. The ACI number is an integer from 1 through 255. Any number of objects and layers can have the same color number. You can assign each color number to a different pen in a pen plotter or use the color numbers to identify certain objects in the drawing. All previous versions of AutoCAD support ACI Color options. You can now use plot styles to control the color of objects when you plot a drawing.

When specifying a color, you can enter the name of the color or its ACI number. Standard color names are available for ACI colors 1 to 7.

Colors 1 to 7

Color number Color name
1 Red
2 Yellow
3 Green
4 Cyan
5 Blue
6 Magenta
7 Black/White

The default color is 7, black or white (depending on the background color). All other colors must be specified by an ACI number (8 through 255).


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