Using the Properties Window in AutoCAD

When you enter PROPERTIES, AutoCAD displays the Properties window. While the Object Properties toolbar provides convenient access to the properties that are common to all objects, the Properties window is the main method you use to modify the complete set of object-specific properties, including properties that you have defined.
The Properties window lists the current settings for all object properties when a single object or multiple sets of objects are selected. From the Properties window, you can modify any property that can be changed. To modify properties using the Properties window select the object whose properties you want to change and use one of the following methods:

  • Enter a new value.
  • Select a value from a list.
  • Change the property value in a dialog box.
  • Use the Pick Point button to change a coordinate value.

You can leave the Properties window open while you work. When you select an object, the Properties window displays the properties of that object. When multiple objects are selected, the Properties window displays the general properties and any other properties that are common among objects in the selection set. The general properties are as follows:

  • Color: Displays or sets the color.
  • Layer: Displays or sets the layer.
  • Linetype: Displays or sets the linetype.
  • Linetype scale: Displays or sets the linetype scale.
  • Plot style: Displays or sets the plot style.
  • Lineweight: Displays or sets the lineweight.
  • Hyperlink: Displays or sets the hyperlink.
  • Thickness: Displays or sets the thickness.

Right-click in the Properties window and choose Allow Docking or Hide from the shortcut menu, or drag the Properties window to another location. To close the Properties window from the command line, enter PROPERTIESCLOSE. You can also turn off the property description below the list.


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