Using Multiline Text

For long, complex entries, create multiline text using MTEXT. Multiline text fits a specified width but can extend vertically to an indefinite length. You can format individual words or characters within a multiline text object.
Multiline text consists of any number of text lines or paragraphs that fit within a width you specify. Unlike single-line text, multiline text includes as part of the same mtext object all text lines or paragraphs created in a multiline text editing session. You can move, rotate, erase, copy, mirror, stretch, or scale mtext objects.

Multiline text has more editing options than single-line text. Using the Multiline Text Editor, you can apply underlining, fonts, color, and text height changes to individual characters, words, or phrases within a paragraph.
You can also use the Properties window to change all properties of multiline text objects.


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