Using Keyboard Shortcuts in the Properties Window

There are several ways to control focus and navigate from the keyboard in the Properties window. Use the TAB key to cycle focus. Use the arrow keys and PGUP or PGDN to move vertically in the window. Use CTRL+Z to undo, and CTRL+X, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V to cut, copy, and paste, respectively.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts shown in the following table.

Keyboard shortcuts in the Properties window

Keys (Action)
CTRL+1(Displays or closes Properties window)
HOME (Moves to first property in the list)
END (Moves to last property in the list)
CTRL+SHIFT+[alpha character] (Moves to the next property that begins with the alphabetical character)
ESC (Cancels a property change)
ALT+DOWN ARROW (Opens settings list)
ALT+UP ARROW (Closes settings list)


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