Turning Layers On and Off in AutoCAD

Turned-off layers are regenerated with the drawing but are not displayed or plotted. By turning layers off instead of freezing them, you avoid regenerating the drawing every time you thaw a layer. When you turn a layer on that has been turned off, AutoCAD redraws the objects on that layer.

NOTE Circles and 2D and 3D surfaces drawn on layers that are off are invisible, but these objects still hide other objects when you use HIDE, RENDER, or SHADEMODE.


To turn a layer on or off

  1. From the Format menu, choose Layer.
  2. In the Layer Properties Manager, select the layers you want to turn on or off. From the shortcut menu, you can use Select All to select all layers simultaneously or Select All But Current to select all layers except the current drawing layer. Invert Selection selects all layers not currently selected and Clear All clears all selections. (Right-click to display the shortcut menu.)
  3. Click the On/Off icon on or off.
  4. Choose OK.

Command line LAYER
Related -LAYER turns layers on and off on the command line.

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