Tips on How to Advance in Your Career as a CAD Drafter

This is a guest post by Brian M. Curran

Every once in a while it is good to pause and recall to mind how to advance in your career as a CAD Drafter. It takes more than technical skills to step up the corporate ladder, so let’s take a look at some tips on how to do so.

When a business is trying to win prospective clients, it has in mind the steps of know, like, trust, try and repeat. This same process could be applied to one’s career, when one is looking to advance to a higher position within his company.

First there is “know”. If there is a position that you’d like to move into, and you don’t know the overseer of that position, well then let him know that you exist! He would first need to be aware of you, before he could consider placing you in the position that you’re seeking. Therefore, become friendly with that overseer, and think how you could “advertise” yourself to him.

Secondly there is “like”. People do business with, or hire those, whom they like. If you could get the overseer of that position that you’re aiming for to like you as a person, and like the work that you do, then you would be positioning yourself nicely for a promotion. Keep this “like” step in mind, as you are covering the “know” step just mentioned. The two steps are tied together.

Thirdly there is “trust”. Show that overseer that you could be trusted with responsibility by meeting deadlines competently. You want to show that your task management and technical skills are both trustworthy. Bosses are looking for people who they could pass off tasks to, and be sure the tasks would get done on time and correctly.

Fourthly there is “try”. Once the groundwork has been laid for the previous steps, then you could actually ask the overseer to consider you for that position that you’ve been shooting for. You’d essentially be asking him to “try” you. Like I said though, make sure you have addressed the previous steps, so the overseer would have reason to consider your request. If you have, then I’m sure he’d be happy to hear from you!

Lastly there is the step of “repeat”. As an employee, “repeat” could be understood in one of two different ways. First it could mean that you want to maintain your new position, by daily repeating all the good traits that got you promoted. Or secondly it could mean that you could set your sights on the next step up in your career, by repeating the aforementioned process over again. – Always having goals, whether it be for daily performance, or long-term career advance, is a must in a competitive job market.

Brian M. Curran runs a small drafting services business in New York City. When not guest blogging or working, he can be found working on his website


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Great article Brian, and thank for sharing those wonderful tips.

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Handy tips, thanks Brian.

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Some useful points Brian. These can be helpful not only in cad drafting career but any other professional career.

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thanks Brian! I’ve been getting into cad drafting now that I’ve taken up interior design and I have to say this is a great way to begin my studies as a student and professional 😉

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thats great brian.. thanks

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Thank for sharing tips. This will definitely help to develop CAD career.

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