Switching Dictionaries in AutoCAD

During a spelling check, AutoCAD matches the words in the drawing to the words in the current main dictionary. Any words you add are stored in the custom dictionary that is current at the time of the spelling check. For example, you can add proper names so AutoCAD no longer identifies them as misspelled words.

To check spelling in another language, you can change to a different main dictionary. You also can create any number of custom dictionaries and switch to them as needed.

You can change dictionaries from a dialog box or by specifying the dictionary name in the DCTMAIN or DCTCUST system variable. For a list of the dictionary file names, see DCTMAIN in the Command Reference.

To switch main or custom dictionaries while checking spelling

  1. In the Check Spelling dialog box, choose Change Dictionaries.
  2. To change the main dictionary, select a dictionary from the Main Dictionary list.
  3. To change the custom dictionary, enter a name under Custom Dictionary.
  4. To select from a list of dictionaries, choose Browse.

  5. Choose OK.

Command line SPELL


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