Suppressing Zeros in Dimension Units

You can suppress the display of leading and trailing zeros in dimension units. You can also suppress the display of feet and inches when their values are zero. Zero Suppression options are provided on the Primary Units, Alternate Units, and Tolerances tabs of the New, Modify, or Override Dimension Style dialog boxes.

To suppress leading and trailing zeros, select the appropriate option under Zero Suppression.

  • If you suppress leading zeros, 0.500 becomes .500.
  • If you suppress trailing zeros, 0.500 becomes 0.5.
  • If you suppress leading and trailing zeros, 0.5000 becomes .5 and 0.0000 becomes 0.

If your drawing units are set to architectural or fractional, you can suppress the display of zero feet and zero inches. If you suppress feet, any dimension less than a foot shows only the inches portion. For example, 0′-6″ becomes 6″. If you suppress inches, 1′-0″ becomes 1′.

If feet are included with a fractional inch, the number of inches is indicated as zero, no matter which option you select. For example, AutoCAD displays 4′-3/4″ to 4′-0 3/4″. The following table shows the effect of each suppression option in architectural units.

Zero suppression for feet and inches



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