Stretching with Grips in AutoCAD

You stretch an object by moving selected grips to new locations. Some grips move the object rather than stretching it. This is true of grips on text objects, blocks, midpoints of lines, centers of circles, centers of ellipses, and point objects.


To stretch an object using grips


  1. Specify the base point by selecting a grip so it is highlighted.
  2. Specify the new location to which you want the object stretched.

Before you start the grip modes and if you plan to use Stretch grip mode, you can select more than one grip to stretch. In the following example, you stretch both lines that represent the pipe.

To stretch more than one grip

1 Select both lines so grips are displayed (1 and 2).
2 Hold down SHIFT and select both end grips so they are highlighted (3 and 4).
3 Release SHIFT and select either grip as the base grip (3).
4 Specify the new location for the objects.


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