Stretching Dimensions

You can use grips to stretch dimensions, or you can use the STRETCH command. If you use STRETCH, be sure to include the appropriate definition points in the crossing window selection set. For example, you can move dimension text by selecting and moving the dimension text grip. If you use STRETCH, use the crossing window to select the text. If you move the text outside the extension lines so that it no longer requires the dimension line to be split, the dimension line rejoins.


In the following illustration, the top vertex of the triangle is stretched downward. To stretch the vertical and horizontal dimensions at the same time, the definition points for the dimensions are included in the crossing selection window. While stretching does not change the dimension type (aligned, horizontal, or vertical), AutoCAD realigns and remeasures the aligned dimension and remeasures the vertical dimension.


To stretch a dimension

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Stretch.
  2. Use a crossing selection window to select the dimension(s) you want to stretch.
  3. Specify the base point of displacement.
  4. Specify the second point of displacement.

Command line STRETCH


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