Specifying an Alternative Default Font

If your drawing specifies a font that is not currently available on your system, AutoCAD automatically substitutes the font designated as your alternative font. By default, AutoCAD uses the simplex.shx file. However, you can specify a different font if necessary. You enter the alternative font file name by changing the FONTALT system variable.
NOTE If the font specified by FONTALT cannot be found, the Specify Font for the FONTALT dialog box is displayed. Select an available font.

If you use a text style that uses a Big Font, you can map it to another font using FONTALT. This system variable uses a default font file pair of txt.shx, bigfont.shx.

To specify a default alternative font

  1. At the Command prompt, enter fontalt.
  2. Enter the name of the font file you want to use as the alternative.

The following table shows the font substitution rules used by AutoCAD when a font file cannot be located when a drawing is opened.



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