Setting Snap and Grid to Isometric Mode

Isometric Snap/Grid mode helps you create 2D drawings that represent 3D objects, such as cubes. Isometric drawings are not true 3D drawings. They simulate a 3D object from a particular viewpoint by aligning along three major axes. If the snap angle is 0, the axes of the isometric planes are 30-degrees, 90-degrees, and 150-degrees. When you set Snap mode to isometric, use the F5 key (or CTRL+E) to change the isometric planes to left, right, or top orientations:

  • Left: Orients the snap and grid alignment along 90- and 150-degree axes.
  • Right: Orients the snap and grid alignment along 90- and 30-degree axes.
  • Top: Orients the snap and grid alignment along 30- and 150-degree axes.

Choosing an isometric plane realigns the snap intervals, grid, and crosshairs along the corresponding isometric axes. AutoCAD restricts certain point selections to two of three axes under certain conditions. For example, if you turn on Ortho mode, the points you select align along the axis of the plane on which you are drawing. Therefore, you can draw the top plane of a model, switch to the left plane to draw another side, and switch to the right plane to complete the drawing.

To turn on an isometric plane

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Drafting Settings.
  2. On the Snap and Grid tab in the Drafting Settings dialog box under Snap Style & Type, select Isometric Snap.
  3. Choose OK.

Command line:  DSETTINGS, SNAP
Shortcut menu:  Right-click Snap on the status bar and choose Settings