Setting Grid Limits in AutoCAD

You can set the rectangular boundary, or limits, of the drawing area that is covered by grid dots when the grid is turned on. The grid provides a visual representation of the limits. Setting the limits controls the extent of the display of the grid, and serves as

  • A reference tool that marks the area in your drawing on which you’re currently working
  • A drawing tool that optionally prevents drawing outside the grid limits
  • A plot option that defines an area to be printed

In model space, the limits should encompass the full-scale size of the model. For example, if the object is 100 x 200 mm, you might want to set your limits to represent a slightly larger area.
If you define limits in paper space, the limits boundary usually represents the final sheet size of the paper. Therefore, in paper space, the grid limits should be set to the proper size to contain the entire sheet of paper, including the drawing, dimensions, title blocks, and other information. For example, if you have a sheet of paper that is 210 x 297 mm, you could set decimal units and then specify 0,0 as the lower-left corner and 210,297 as the upper-right corner of the limits.

When paper space is active and either the paper margins or the paper background is displayed, you cannot set the drawing limits with LIMITS. In this case, limits are calculated and set by the layout according to the selected paper size. You can control the display of the paper background and paper margins from the Display tab of the Options dialog box.

When you open a new drawing and use either the Quick Setup or Advanced Setup wizard, you set grid limits in model space. The following procedure describes how to set limits once the drawing is open.

To set grid limits

  1. From the Format menu, choose Drawing Limits.
  2. Specify the lower-left corner of the limits, which corresponds to the lower-left corner of your drawing area. Press ENTER to use the default (0,0).
  3. Specify the upper-right corner of the limits, which corresponds to the upper-right corner of your drawing area. For example, if the lower-left corner is at 0,0, you can specify a limits area that is 30 units wide and 10 high by entering 30,10.
  4. On the status bar, click Grid.
  5. From the View menu, choose Zoom All. The grid shows the area defined by the limits.

Command line LIMITS
System variables LIMMAX stores the upper-right drawing limit for the current space. LIMMIN stores the lower-left drawing limit.


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