Selecting Objects Using Selection Fences in AutoCAD

You can select nonadjacent objects in a complex drawing most easily with a selection fence. A fence is a line that selects all the objects it passes through. This circuit board illustration shows a fence selecting several components.

To select nonadjacent objects with a fence

  1. At the Select Objects prompt, enter f (Fence).
  2. Specify the fence points.
  3. Press ENTER to complete the selection.


#1 simonexxx83 on 02.25.09 at 7:00 pm

innanzitutto complimenti per il tuo blog.
Volevo proprti uno scambio di link, per migliorare la visibilità dei nostri blog.
Anche io tratto di CAD, ma più in generale e su piattaforma Linux.
Scrivimi pure se sei interessato!

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#2 James Walker on 03.04.09 at 11:30 am

This is such a handy tool when you have a lot of objects close together. If you know the objects you want to select multiple times, you can always group them and control them as one whole or “group”

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