Selecting Objects in AutoCAD

Before you can edit objects, you need to create a selection set of the objects. A selection set can consist of a single object, or it can be a more complex grouping: for example, the set of objects of a certain color on a certain layer. You can create the selection set either before or after you choose an editing command. If the HIGHLIGHT system variable is on, AutoCAD highlights selected objects. You can make several changes to the same selection set. Use one of the following methods to create selection sets.

  • Choose an editing command. Then select the objects and press ENTER.
  • Enter select. Then select the objects and press ENTER. (See SELECT in the Command Reference.)
  • Select the objects with the pointing device. Then choose an editing command. (In order to use this method, Noun/Verb Selection must be turned on. See “Customizing Object Selection.”)
  • Define groups.

Whichever method you use, AutoCAD prompts you to select objects and replaces the crosshairs with a pickbox. You select individual objects with the pointing device or by using the methods described in this section.
You can respond to the Select Objects prompt in various ways. You can select the most recently created object, the previous selection set, or all objects in the drawing. You can add objects to and remove objects from a selection set. You can also use more than one selection method to make a selection. For example, to select most of the objects in the drawing area, select all objects and then remove the objects you don’t want selected.


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