Scaling with Grips in AutoCAD

You can use the Scale grip mode to scale objects. For example, you can increase the size of a circle by dragging outward from the base grip or decrease the size by dragging inward. Alternatively, you could enter a value for relative scaling. In the following example, the outlet symbol, which is defined as a block, is scaled down. When selected, blocks have a single grip at the insertion point. To scale the block, you select the insertion point as the base grip and move the cursor to resize the block.


To scale a block using grips

  1. Select the block with a crossing selection (1 and 2). A single grip is displayed at the block’s insertion point.
  2. Select the insertion point as the base grip (3).
  3. Enter sc or cycle by pressing ENTER to get to Scale grip mode.
  4. Move the cursor to reduce the size of the block. Then click to specify the new size (4).


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