Rotating Objects in AutoCAD

You rotate objects by choosing a base point and a relative or absolute rotation angle. Specify a relative angle to rotate the object from its current orientation around the base point by that angle. Whether the objects are rotated counterclockwise or clockwise depends on the Direction Control setting in the Units Control dialog box. Specify absolute angles to rotate objects from the current angle to a new absolute angle.

In the following example, you rotate the plan view of a house, using the default relative angle method.


To rotate an object

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Rotate.
  2. Select the object to rotate (1).
  3. Specify the base point for the rotation (2).
  4. Specify the angle of rotation (3).

Command line ROTATE
Shortcut menu Select the objects to rotate, right-click in the drawing area, and choose Rotate.
Related UNITS sets the direction in which objects are rotated.


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