Purging Named Objects in AutoCAD

Over time, drawings may accumulate many named objects that are no longer needed. For example, you may have a text style that is no longer used by any drawing text, or a layer that contains no drawing objects.
Purging named objects reduces drawing size. You can purge individual named objects, all styles and definitions of a specific type, or all named objects in a drawing. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot purge named objects that are referenced by drawing objects. For example, you cannot purge a linetype used by a line in your drawing.

Purging removes only one level. For example, if purging a layer removes the only reference to a linetype, the linetype is not purged until you purge again using the Linetype option.

To purge unused named objects

  1. From the File menu, choose Drawing UtilitiesĀ  Purge.
  2. Choose an object type to purge, or choose All to purge all unused named objects.
  3. AutoCAD prompts you with the name of each unused named object of the specified type.
  4. Enter the named object to be purged or enter an asterisk (*) for All.
  5. Enter y or n to verify each name to be purged.
  6. If you answer y, AutoCAD displays the named object’s symbol table reference and name.
  7. Enter y or n in response to each prompt. The command ends when AutoCAD finds no unused named objects.

Command lineĀ  PURGE

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