Pasting Objects in AutoCAD

Applications use different internal formats to store information. When you copy objects to the Clipboard, AutoCAD stores information about all available formats. When you paste the Clipboard contents into an AutoCAD drawing, AutoCAD uses the format that retains the most information. However, you can override this setting and convert pasted information to AutoCAD format.

The AutoCAD format is the preferred format for copying objects to and from AutoCAD, because it is the easiest format to edit and retains all relevant object information, including block references and 3D aspects.

ASCII text (in TXT files) is copied to AutoCAD as paragraph text. Paragraph breaks are retained, and the text can be edited using the Multiline Text Editor. To retain the font and style characteristics of formatted text, use the Multiline Text Editor or specify Windows metafile format (WMF) before inserting into the drawing.

The WMF format, or picture format, contains screen vector information and can be scaled and printed without loss of resolution. Use this format to paste objects into Microsoft® Windows® applications that support WMF files. Metafiles pasted into AutoCAD are of higher resolution than bitmap images but are less easily manipulated than AutoCAD objects. Use the WMFBKGND system variable to control whether the background for the metafile format of objects placed on the Clipboard and pasted into other applications is transparent.

Bitmapped images are raster images consisting of a pattern of pixels and are commonly used by paint applications. Bitmaps may lose clarity when scaled, so this format is pasted only if AutoCAD cannot correctly handle the format in another way. AutoCAD recognizes the standard Windows device-independent bitmap format (BMP files).

To paste objects from the Clipboard

From the Edit menu, choose Paste, or press CTRL+V.

The objects currently on the Clipboard are pasted into the drawing.

Command line PASTECLIP
Shortcut menu End any active commands, right-click in the drawing area, and choose Paste.


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