Multiple Copying Using Grips

You can create multiple copies in any of the Grip modes. For example, you can rotate a selection set, leaving copies of the set at each location you specify with the pointing device. You can also make multiple copies of selection sets, which is a quick and simple way to create small arrays.

To make multiple rotated copies

  1. Select the objects to rotate.
  2. Select a base grip on one of the selected objects.
  3. Enter ro to switch to Rotate mode.
  4. Enter copy.
  5. Drag the objects to a new location and click. The objects are copied and rotated around the base point.
  6. Continue to drag and click for multiple copies, or press ENTER to end the command.

You can place multiple copies at regularly spaced intervals by creating an offset snap. The offset is defined by the distance between the original object and the first copy. In the following lighting layout, the first copy of the light fixture symbol is placed at an offset of two units. All subsequent copies are then placed two units apart.

To create an offset snap for multiple copies

  1. Select the objects to copy.
  2. Select a base grip (1).
  3. Enter mo (Move mode).
  4. Enter c (Copy).
  5. Select the first copy offset (2). The offset snap is the distance between points 1 and 2.
  6. Hold down SHIFT and place additional copies (3 and 4). These copies are placed at the same offset from each other.
  7. Press ENTER to exit Grip mode.


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