Modifying Text Styles

You can modify an existing text style in the Text Style dialog box by changing the settings. You can also update existing text in that text style to reflect the changes.
If you change an existing text style’s font or orientation, all text using that style is regenerated using the new font or orientation. Changing text height, width factor, and oblique angle does not change existing text but does change subsequently created text objects. However, changes to alignment and width have no effect on multiline text objects (see “Creating Multiline Text”).

To modify a text style

  1. From the Format menu, choose Text Style.
  2. In the Text Style dialog box, select a text style name.
  3. Under Font and Effects, change any of the options.
  4. The sample text in the Preview area is updated to show the changes you make to the style.

  5. To save the settings to the selected style and to update text in the drawing that uses this style, choose Apply.
  6. To undo the changes you make to a style, select Undo from the Edit menu.

  7. Choose Close.

Command line STYLE or -STYLE


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