Mirroring Text and Attributes

When you mirror text, attributes, and attribute definitions, they are reversed or turned upside down in the mirrored image. These mirrored objects are true mirror images of the original section of the object and follow the mathematical rules for reflection.

To prevent mirrored text from being reversed or turned upside down, set the MIRRTEXT system variable to 0 (off). By default, MIRRTEXT is set to 1 (on). If you turn it off, the text has the same alignment and justification as before the mirroring. Compare the following illustrations.

MIRRTEXT affects only text created with the TEXT or MTEXT commands, attribute definitions (user-defined data), and variable attributes (user-defined changeable data). Text and constant attributes (user-defined fixed data) within an inserted block are mirrored as a consequence of mirroring the entire block. These objects are inverted regardless of the MIRRTEXT setting.


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