Making a Layer Current in AutoCAD

You are always drawing on the current layer. When you make a layer current, you can create new objects on that layer. If you make a different layer current, any new objects you create are created on that new current layer and use its color, linetype, lineweight, and plot style (as long as all the object properties maintain the default setting of BYLAYER). You cannot make a layer current if it is frozen or is an xref-dependent layer.

To make a layer current

  1. From the Format menu, choose Layer.
  2. In the Layer Properties Manager, select a layer and choose Current.
  3. Choose OK.

You can also make a layer current by double-clicking its name in the Layer Properties Manager.
Command line LAYER

Shortcut menu Right-click a layer name in the Layer Properties Manager and choose Make Current.
System variables CLAYER sets the current layer. -LAYER changes the current layer from the command line.


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