Is CAD or Computer Aided Design a Good Niche in the Market?

I hate to disappoint you folks but I don’t think the area of CAD or Computer Aided Design have a very big niche in the market. I already made some research on CAD websites and CAD blogs but surprisingly even though their domain is old which was registered way back 1998 or earlier they have very little traffic. Usually, if a niche is popular and the domain is already in the internet for so many years  it should already have thousands of visitors everyday. But since not every one knows how to use CAD and only a small percentage is using or interested in CAD, naturally the traffic is small.

There was a website I saw that was in the net since year 2000 and targets only experienced AutoCAD users. The Alexa rank of her website is only 233k which in my estimate only have 2k visitors per day or less. Her website is great and very informative and looks very popular. But if you will compare it with other popular niche and with the same time frame, the other popular niche got tens of thousands of visitors per day. This is the reason why I choose other niche rather than CAD when I was starting to make websites before and it’s only now that I created this CAD blog as pet project and to experiment some ways to gain traffic on this niche. So far, since this blog is new, I can’t tell if if this will get far enough.If you are in this niche already, I have a tip to help you gain traffic.

1. Create more pages or content. The more content you have, the chances are better of someone finding you in the internet through search engines. Its like a lottery ticket, the more you buy tickets, the more chances of winning.

2. Build inbound links from other high PR website of the same niche or theme. Ask for reciprocal links, one way link, three way link, etc.

3. Create blogs. Search engines love blogs compared to static websites. If you already have a website, integrate a blog. One popular free software I know which is available in the net is WordPress. With it you have total control but you can also use their free WordPress blog site. Other options of free blog sites is or

For the meantime, I will be busy on my other blogs and websites.


#1 kapanpun on 08.09.08 at 1:59 pm

very nice cad tutorial 😀 thanks before

#2 John Smith on 08.07.12 at 5:17 pm

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made here in your blog. Awesome post….

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