Importing Text Files

You can save time by importing files from other sources. For example, you can create a text file of standard notes that you include in drawings. Instead of entering this information each time you use it, you can import the file. Imported text files are limited to a maximum size of 16K. To insert a larger text file into your drawing, see “Dragging a Text File into a Drawing.”
Text imported using the Multiline Text Editor becomes an mtext object, which you can edit as if you created it in AutoCAD. Imported text retains its original formatting properties but can be modified using the Multiline Text Editor.

To import text files

1 From the Draw menu, choose Text Multiline Text.
2 Specify the text boundary location and other properties as needed.

See “To create multiline text.”

3 In the Multiline Text Editor, to convert the text to uppercase as it is imported, double-click AutoCAPS.
4 Choose Import Text.
5 In the Open dialog box, double-click the file you want to import, or select the file and choose Open.

AutoCAD inserts the text at the cursor location in the Multiline Text Editor.

6 Change the text as needed. Then choose OK.

If the Clipboard contains text, you can choose Paste from the Edit menu to paste the Clipboard contents into your drawing.


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