How to Create Linetype in AutoCAD

I think I made the wrong title on this post because linetypes need not be created because its already made and there are already pre-made and standard linetypes and all you have to do is to load them and change the linetype of the object(e.g. lines, arcs, circles, polygons, polylines ) you have created. There are many uses of linetypes and options but just for the sake of simplicity I’ll make a simple and easy to follow instruction on how to change the linetype of an object. First you have to select the kind of linetype you want to use by going to the menu and select Format >Linetype and then a Lineype manager pop up window will appear. Select the “Load” button and a “Load or Reload Linetype” window will appear. On the box you will see lists of linetypes. Select any linetype you want to use then click “OK”. After wards you will see the linetype you just selected on the Linetype Manager window. Again click “OK” button. (See Fig. 1 below)

    autocad polyline icon

Fig. 1- Linetype Manager Pop-up Window

After you selected a linetype on the linetype manager, draw a line, a circle or any object you wish on the screen.  That is, within the drawing area which is color black in default. I my sample I will draw a polygon. Then after you’ve drawn the object, select the object you have drawn by pointing the cross hair cursor to the object and clicking the left mouse button. The object will highlight into a dotted line(See Fig. 2).

    autocad polyline icon

Fig. 2- Drawing the object and changing linetype

On the “Object Properties Toolbar” scroll down the field box for the linetype layer selection and select the linetype of your choice (See Fig. 3).  Then press ‘ESC’ button on the keyboard twice.

    autocad polyline icon

Fig. 3- The Object Properties Toolbar

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#1 Software Comparison on 02.23.09 at 6:27 pm

Thanks for this. Might add that there are a few sites for downloading extra custom linetypes as well..

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