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Thanks for visiting my site. This blog is my latest addition of the many blogs and websites I’ve created in the past that covers anything about CAD ( Computer Aided Design and Drafting ) and life rants once and a while. I was thankful to this software (AutoCAD) because this enabled me to deal with computers which along time ago I hated because of the complexity specially in high school and my college years. But because of my interest in mechanical designing I was force to learn using AutoCAD to improve the design of my mother’s hollow block machine fabrication shop. With that, I also learned how to troubleshoot and upgrade computers and was my life saver when our business flopped.

Afterwards I worked as a CAD operator in a plastic injection mould maker, ITUNG then Nikon Industrial Corporation, an appliance manufacturing company then the last one is Small Precision Tools Philippines, a semiconductor bonding tools manufacturer as a CAD engineer and Information Systems support. Then and there my interest in computer grew and fell in love with the internet. This paved a way for me to make the internet as my corporate playing field and began making websites and blogs as a hobby. So today, as a full time internet entrepreneur, I was thankful that I was prepared when the last company I worked with is going down with their never ending retrenchment. I know I should have done this blog before but because I was protecting my employment I wanted to separate my job from my side line. But now I’m free as a bird I will blog anything on my employment experiences and any tips and tricks and basic tutorials on using AutoCAD. So thanks and hoping that you will visit often.

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#1 Lisa on 03.04.12 at 1:05 pm

Hi – Can you tell me what the work culture is like for a CAD drafter? Thanks.

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