Have You Tried Google Chrome Browser Already?

I think I need not promote this browser because based on statistics on Statcounter Blog, it already have a market share of 1.5% on September 4, 2008. I’m not surprised because I tried it myself and I’m glad I did. At first I was contented in Firefox although is encounters crashes on my PC. But when I tried Google Chrome, I was surprised how well it was designed for the user in mind. It feels like it was custom made for me. I don’t know if many people will agree with me because we have different preferences (for example, if you are a developer or an ordinary internet user) but just seeing how well it was designed, I’m sure in the long run many will turn to this browser. One feature I like in this browser is the location of the bookmark drop down menu. IE and Firefox have theirs in the middle on the menu bar. On Google Chrome it was located at the right so the webpage you are viewing is not blocked. 

It will be awkward at first but when you get used to it you will feel better browsing the bookmark menu. The other feature is the navigation bar. You don’t have to install a toolbar just to type a keyword on the toolbar search box, you just type the keywords on the URL field on the navigation bar at the top of the brower. It will automatically be searched to a search engine of your choice by configuring the “options’ by clicking the “wrench icon” on the top right corner of the browser. Other features are speed and clean design and the browsing area looks wider. So if you are ready to try this browser, just follow this link >> Google Chrome Download

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#1 joels on 02.22.09 at 7:45 pm

i already use this browser, nice software !

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