Formatting Multiline Text

New text created in the Multiline Text Editor automatically assumes the characteristics of the current text style. You can change the format of multiline text in the following ways:

In the Multiline Text Editor, change selected text or apply a different style to the text object.
Modify the current text style. See “Creating and Modifying Text Styles” for more information.

You can also edit the content and change the properties of an mtext object in the Properties window. See “Using the Properties Window.”
You can override the current text style by applying format changes to selected text in the Multiline Text Editor. If the text style is changed later, any formatting you have applied is retained.
You can use the Multiline Text Editor to format text as you create it, or edit existing multiline text. See “To create multiline text.”

To format existing multiline text in the Multiline Text Editor

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Text.
  2. Select the multiline text object you want to edit.
  3. In the Multiline Text Editor, highlight the text you want to edit.
  4. Enter replacement text, if necessary.
  5. To use formatting options, choose one of the following tabs:
  6. Character: Provides options that apply to words and characters within a text object, including fonts, text height, italics, and color. See “Applying Formatting to Characters.”
    Properties: Provides options that apply to the entire mtext object, including style, width, and justification. See “Changing the Properties of an Mtext Object.”
    Line Spacing: Provides options for defining line spacing. See “To change the line spacing of the multiline text object.”

    Find/Replace: Finds text within an mtext object and replaces it. See “Finding and Replacing Multiline Text.”

  7. Choose OK.

Command line DDEDIT
Shortcut menu Select the multiline text object to edit, right-click in the drawing area and choose Mtext Edit.
Related PROPERTIES edits multiline text object properties (see “Using Text Editors for Multiline Text”).


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