Fitting Dimension Text and Arrowheads

When you create a dimension, many factors determine how AutoCAD positions dimension text and arrowheads. If possible, AutoCAD automatically places both between the extension lines. However, if space is not sufficient to do this, AutoCAD follows rules set on the Fit tab of the New Dimension Style dialog box.

The Fit options set priorities for moving text and arrowheads when space is not available to fit both within the extension lines. The following illustrations show different dimension text and arrowhead positions.


Text Placement options set rules governing the placement of dimension text. The rules are applied when AutoCAD must place text outside the extension lines or when you move the text outside the extension lines manually. You can have text placed beside or above the dimension line. If placed above, you can display a leader from the dimension line to the text.

Overall Scale sets the scale factor for all dimension style settings that specify size, distance, or spacing, including text and arrowhead size. The overall scale does not affect measured distances, coordinates, angles, or tolerances. Its default value is 1.0. Enter larger values to increase the size of dimensions; smaller values reduce the size. Scale Dimension to Layout determines a scale factor based on the scaling between the current model viewport and the layout. See “Setting Dimension Scale.”

The following two options fine-tune the dimension fit:

  • Place Text Manually When Dimensioning: Sets the location you specify for dimension text when you create a dimension.
  • Always Draw a Dim Line between Ext Lines: Places a dimension line between extension lines, even if arrowheads and text are outside.


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