Erasing Freehand Lines in AutoCAD

You erase freehand lines by using the Erase option of the SKETCH command. In Erase mode, wherever the cursor intersects the freehand line, everything from the intersection to the end of the line is erased.
Once you record freehand lines, you can’t edit them or erase them with the Erase option of SKETCH. Use the ERASE command after you finish sketching.

To erase freehand lines

  1. With the pen up or down, enter e (Erase). If the pen was down, it moves up.
  2. Move the cursor to the end of the line you drew last and then move it back as far along the line as you want to erase.
  3. To end the erasure and return to the SKETCH Command prompt, enter p. To undo the erasure, enter e.

If you want to change the current viewport while sketching, make sure the pen is up, all lines entered so far have been recorded, and Tablet mode is off.


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