Editing with Grips Using AutoCAD

If grips are turned on, when you select objects with the pointing device before starting a command, AutoCAD marks the selected objects with grips. (Noun/Verb Selection must be turned on in order to select objects first. )
Grips mark control locations on a selected object. For example, selecting a line turns on grip points at each endpoint and at the midpoint. When you select a group, each member of the group is marked with its own grips. Selecting a block turns on a grip at its insertion point, as shown in the illustration.

With grips you can use the pointing device to combine several of the most common editing commands with object selection to edit more quickly. When grips are turned on, you select the objects you want before editing. You can then manipulate the objects.

To turn on grips

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, choose the Selection tab.
  3. Under Grips, select Enable Grips and make any changes to color or size.
  4. Choose OK.

Command line OPTIONS
System variables GRIPBLOCK controls the assignment of grips within blocks. When GRIPBLOCK is 1, grips are assigned to all objects in the block. When GRIPBLOCK is 0, a single grip is assigned to the block’s insertion point.

The following two illustrations show the difference between selecting and clearing Enable Grips within Blocks.


To use grips for editing, select a grip to act as the base point. This selected grip is known as the base grip. Then select one of the grip modes: Mirror, Move, Rotate, Stretch, or Scale. You can cycle through these modes with the SPACEBAR or ENTER keys or keyboard shortcuts. For example, for Stretch, enter st or keep pressing ENTER until Stretch appears.

You can use multiple grips as the base grips and keep the geometry intact between the selected grips, by holding down SHIFT as you select the grips.

You can also choose a grip mode, or any of the options available for the current mode, from a shortcut menu by right-clicking in the drawing area while the grip is selected.

To remove a specific object from a selection set that displays grips, hold down SHIFT as you select the object. Objects removed from the selection set are no longer highlighted, but their grips remain active. To exit grip modes and return to the Command prompt, enter x (Exit) or press ESC.


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How do I turn on the preview film after I’ve plotted on AutoCAD 2010? This applies to both modelspace and paperspace. The preview film helps me see my last window area of print. By being able to see my last plot window selected, it is more efficient for me to just plot than to re-select window.

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