Editing Methods – Using Groups

A group is a named selection set of objects. Unlike unnamed selection sets, groups are saved with the drawing. Group definitions are maintained when you use a drawing as an external reference or insert it in another drawing. However, until you have bound and exploded external references or exploded blocks, you cannot directly access groups that have been defined in an external reference or block.

When you create or edit a group, you can specify whether it is selectable. If a group is selectable, selecting one of its members selects all members in the current space that meet the selection criteria (for example, members on locked layers are not selectable). The ability to select groups is also affected by the PICKSTYLE system variable. When PICKSTYLE is off for group selection, you can individually select group members.

An object can be a member of more than one group. You can list all the groups to which a selected object belongs by using the Find Name option in the Object Grouping dialog box. Highlight all the members of a specified group with the Highlight option. Group members are numerically ordered and can be reordered. Reordering may be useful in some batch operations on objects or when it’s important which object is “on top” for display purposes.


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