Editing Leaders and Annotations

A leader and its annotation are separate but associated objects. Editing the properties of one object does not affect those of the other. For example, you can change the color of the leader without changing the annotation color. However, if you move the text, the endpoint of the leader moves with it. The endpoint attaches to the left or right side of the annotation depending on the annotation’s position relative to the second-to-last leader point. If you position the annotation to the right of this point, the leader attaches to the right; otherwise, it attaches to the left. You can change the point where the text attaches to the leader by gripping and moving the final leader endpoint, or by changing the attachment setting in the Leader Settings dialog box.

Removing the leader or the annotation from a drawing using the ERASE, BLOCK, WBLOCK, or EXPLODE commands breaks their associativity. You can copy the leader and annotation together in a single operation and maintain their associativity, but copying leader and annotation separately breaks the association. When the association breaks, AutoCAD removes the hook line from the leader.

To edit leader text

  • From the Modify menu, choose Text, then edit the text in the Multiline Text Editor. You can also choose Properties on the same menu, and then edit the text in the Text field of the Properties window.

Any modification to the annotation that changes the annotation position or attach point affects the leader’s endpoint position. Rotating the annotation causes the leader hook line (if any) to rotate.

You can use leaders as edges for TRIM and EXTEND, but you cannot trim or extend leaders. To resize a leader, you can stretch or scale it. Scaling changes leader vertex locations, but it does not change characteristics of the leader object that are set by the dimension style.
You can easily create multiple leaders from the same annotation by selecting the leader endpoint and using the Copy options.

To create multiple leaders from the same annotation

  1. Select the leader arrowhead grip.
  2. At the Command prompt, enter c to select the Copy option.
  3. Specify the endpoints for the multiple leaders, and then press ENTER.



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