Editing Dimensions in AutoCAD

You can edit the placement of dimensions using AutoCAD editing commands, or you can use grips. Grip editing is the quickest and easiest way to modify dimensions. See “Editing with Grips.” Regardless of which method you use, dimensioned objects do not automatically change when you edit dimensions unless you include the objects in the edit selection set. Editing commands are available from the shortcut menu displayed when you right-click a dimension. You can also modify the format of dimensions by changing their properties using the Properties window or the Dimension Style Manager.

Every dimension has a set of definition points, small dots that are often covered by dimension lines or dimensioned object geometry. Definition points define the dimension location. Every definition point has a grip point, although not every grip point indicates a definition point. Therefore, if you use grips to edit dimensions, knowing the locations of definition points is not necessary. However, if you use commands to edit dimensions, you must include all the dimension’s definition points in the selection set.

To include definition points more easily, snap to them using the Node snap mode (see “Object Snap Descriptions”). The circles in the following illustration show the location of definition points for different dimensions.
NOTE Definition points are drawn on a special DEFPOINTS layer, which is not plotted. DEFPOINTS are not affected by changes to the PDMODE (point display) and PDSIZE (point size) system variables.



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