Editing Dimension Text

After you create a dimension, you can edit or replace the dimension text and change dimension text properties and the rotation angle. You can move the text to a new location or back to its home position.

To edit the dimension text position, right-click the dimension and select a text position option from the shortcut menu. You can move the text, with or without a leader, or move the text back to its original (home) position.

You can also use the Properties window , the Dimensions menu, or the DIMTEDIT and DIMEDIT commands to edit dimension text. The Properties window provides the easiest and most comprehensive method for editing dimension text and text properties. However, the options provided by the Dimension menu or DIMTEDIT and DIMEDIT commands are convenient if you simply want to change text position or edit text on the command line.

To edit dimension text

  1. Select the dimension.
  2. From the Modify menu, choose Properties.
  3. In the Properties window under Text, enter the new or edited dimension text in the Text Override box.

NOTE Text entered in the Text Override box always overrides the actual dimension measurement, which is shown in the Measurement box. To display the actual dimension measurement, delete the text from the Text Override box.
If you want to add prefixes or suffixes to the dimension measurement, use angle brackets <> to represent the measurement. Enter prefixes before the brackets, and suffixes after the brackets.
You can use the Properties window to edit all text properties, but the Dimension menu provides options that you can use to quickly set dimension alignment.

To set dimension text alignment

  1. From the Dimension menu, choose Align Text and then one of the following alignment options:
  2. Home: Returns dimension text to the position defined by the dimension style assigned to the dimension.
    Rotate: Prompts you to enter an angle to rotate the dimension text.
    Left: Positions dimension text on the left side of the dimension line.
    Center: Centers dimension text.
    Right: Positions dimension text on the right side of the dimension line.

  3. Select one or more dimensions, and then press ENTER.

Command line DIMTEDIT
Shortcut menu Select a dimension, right-click in the drawing area and choose Dim Text Position.


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