Editing a Named Group Using AutoCAD

At any time, you can add or remove group members and rename groups. You can also copy, mirror, and array groups. Erasing a group member deletes that object from the group definition. When a group member is included in a deleted block, the object is deleted from the drawing and also from the group. If deleting an object or removing it from a group leaves the group empty, the group remains defined. You can remove the group definition by exploding the group. Exploding a group deletes it from a drawing. Objects that were part of the group remain in the drawing.

You can alter the group’s member order (the order in which the objects were selected), its description, and whether it’s selectable. You can reorder group members in two ways: either change the numerical position of individual or ranges of group members or reverse the order of all members. The first object in each group is number 0, not number 1.

To delete a named group

  1. At the Command prompt, enter group.
  2. In the Object Grouping dialog box, select the group name from the list of groups.
  3. Under Change Group, choose Explode.
  4. Choose OK.

The group is deleted.

Command line GROUP
Related –GROUP displays options on the command line.

To reorder group members

  1. At the Command prompt, enter group.
  2. In the Object Grouping dialog box under Change Group, choose Re-Order.
  3. In the Order Group dialog box under Group Name, select the group to reorder.
  4. To view the current order of this group, choose Highlight.
  5. In the Object Grouping dialog box, choose Next or Previous to view the objects. Choose OK when you have finished viewing the order of the objects.
  6. In the Order Group dialog box under Remove From Position, enter an object number.
  7. Then under Enter New Position Number for the Object, enter a new position.
  8. Under Number of Objects, enter the object number or range of numbers to reorder. Then choose Re-Order.
  9. Choose OK to close each dialog box.


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