Drawing Multilines

Multilines consist of between 1 and 16 parallel lines, called elements. You position the elements by specifying the desired offset of each element from the origin of the multiline. You can create and save multiline styles or use the default style, which has two elements ( later on my post I’ll discuss how to make multiline styles)  . You can set the color and linetype of each element and display or hide the joints of the multiline. Joints are lines that appear at each vertex. There are several types of end caps you can give the multiline, for example, lines or arcs.

To draw a multiline

From the Draw menu, choose Multiline. You can also select the multiline icon on the tool bar as show in the figure below (Fig 1. ). Since we are just starting out, I will suppose that you have created multiline styles, it can be omitted but just for learning I’ll will to include it. At the Command prompt, AutoCAD will say: Specify start point or [Justification/Scale/Style]: enter st to select a style. Then press enter. Then AutoCAD will prompt again: Enter mline style name or [?]: To list available styles, enter the style name or enter “?“. Again AutoCAD will say: Specify start point or [Justification/Scale/Style]: To justify the multiline, enter j and choose top, zero, or bottom justification. To change the scale of the multiline, enter s and enter a new scale.

    autocad polyline icon

Fig. 1

Now draw the multiline.

Specify the starting point by clicking your mouse cursor on the black screen. Then specify the second point on the screen. Then again specify the third point. Specify the fourth point or enter c to close the multiline, or press ENTER. See illustration below (Fig. 2).

    autocad polyline icon

Fig. 2

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