Drawing Donuts in AutoCAD

Drawing donuts is a quick way to create filled rings or solid-filled circles. Donuts are actually closed polylines that have width. To create a donut, specify its inside and outside diameters and its center. You can continue creating multiple copies with the same diameter by specifying different centers until you press ENTER to end the command. To create solid-filled circles, specify an inside diameter of 0.

    autocad donuts

Donuts created as filled rings and solid-filled circles

To draw a donut

  1. From the Draw menu, choose Donut.
  2. Specify the inside diameter (1).
  3. Specify the outside diameter (2).
  4. Specify the center of the donut (3).
  5. Specify the center point for another donut or press ENTER to end the command.
    autocad donuts

Command line DONUT
System variables DONUTID stores the inside diameter value of a donut; DONUTOD stores the outside diameter value. FILLMODE controls the display of donuts and other wide polylines.
Related PEDIT edits donuts. EXPLODE converts a donut to two arcs. If you explode a donut, its line width reverts to 0.


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