Creating Solid-Filled Areas in AutoCAD 2000

You can create triangular and quadrilateral areas filled with a color. For quicker results, create these areas with the FILLMODE system variable off, and then turn on FILLMODE to fill the finished area. You don’t see the area outline until it is complete.

To create a triangular solid-filled area

  1. From the Draw menu, choose Surfaces 2D Solid.
  2. Specify the first point (1).
  3. Specify the second point (2).
  4. Specify the third point (3). Then press ENTER.
  5. Press ENTER again to exit the command.

When you create a quadrilateral solid-filled area, the sequence of the third and fourth points determines its shape. Compare the following illustrations:

Command line SOLID
Related 3DFACE creates a 3D face.

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