Creating Rotated Rectangular Arrays in AutoCAD

AutoCAD builds a rectangular array along a baseline defined by the current snap rotation angle. This angle is zero by default, so the rows and columns of a rectangular array are orthogonal with respect to the X and Y drawing axes. However, you can change this angle and create a rotated array. Setting the snap rotation angle to a nonzero value rotates the screen crosshairs accordingly. You can consider all rectangular arrays to be constructed parallel to the crosshairs. Rows align with the X crosshair, and columns align with the Y crosshair.

In the following example, you rotate a rectangular array of chairs.


To rotate a rectangular array

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Drafting Settings.
  2. In the Drafting Settings dialog box, choose the Snap and Grid tab.
  3. On the Snap and Grid tab under Snap Angle, enter the angle at which you want to rotate the array.
  4. Create the rectangular array.

Command line DSETTINGS
Shortcut menu Right-click Snap on the status bar and choose Settings.
System variables SNAPANG changes the array rotation angle.


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