Creating Radius and Diameter Dimensions

Use radius and diameter dimensions to measure the radius or diameter of circles and arcs.

To measure a radius or diameter

  1. From the Dimension menu, choose Radius or Diameter.
  2. Select a circle or arc.
  3. Before you specify the dimension location, you can edit its text or change the text angle:
  4. Enter m to edit the dimension text using the Multiline Text Editor, or enter t to edit the dimension text on the command line.
    Enter a to rotate the angle of the dimension text.

  5. Specify the dimension line location.

Center marks or centerlines automatically display at the center of the arc or circle when you place a radius or diameter dimension outside the circle or arc. They do not display if you place the dimension inside the circle or arc, or if you turn off center marks. You can change the dimension fit and text placement options to force text and leader lines inside the circle or arc.


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