Creating Multiline Text

You can create text in the Multiline Text Editor, on the command line, or with a third-party text editor. You specify a third-party text editor in the Options dialog box or with the MTEXTED system variable.

The Multiline Text Editor provides a quick way to set properties that affect the entire text object or formats that affect only selected text.

Before creating the text, you must define the paragraph’s width. When text entry is complete, AutoCAD inserts the text entered in the dialog box within this width limit. You can apply the text height, justification, rotation angle, style and line spacing to the text object, or apply character formatting to specific characters. Justification determines where the text is inserted with respect to the text boundaries (see “Formatting Multiline Text”).


The height of the multiline text object you create with MTEXT depends on the amount of text you enter, not the height you specify when defining the boundary box.
To enter text in the Multiline Text Editor, you can use the standard Windows control keys described in the following table. See “Formatting Multiline Text.”

Control keys used to edit text

CTRL+A ………Selects all text in the Multiline Text Editor
CTRL+B………¬†or removes bold format for selected text
CTRL+C ………Copies selected text to the Clipboard
CTRL+I………¬†Applies or removes italic format for selected text
CTRL+SHIFT+L ………Converts selected text to lowercase
CTRL+U ………Applies or removes underline format for selected text
CTRL+SHIFT+U ………Converts selected text to uppercase
CTRL+V ………Pastes Clipboard contents to cursor location
CTRL+X ………Cuts selected text to the Clipboard
CTRL+SPACEBAR ………Removes character formatting in selected text
ENTER ………Ends the current paragraph and starts a new line

The following procedure describes how to create multiline text using the default properties and formats. For information about changing text style and format, see “Formatting Multiline Text.”

To create multiline text

  1. From the Draw menu, choose Text Multiline Text.
  2. At the Specify First Corner prompt, use your pointing device to specify the corner.
  3. or
    Enter coordinate values on the command line.

  4. At the next prompt, define the text width by using your pointing device to specify the opposite corner of the boundary box.
  5. or
    Enter a width value on the command line.
    If you choose to enter options on the command line, AutoCAD continues to display prompts on the command line until you specify the opposite corner of the boundary box.
    The Multiline Text Editor is displayed after you specify the second corner of the boundary box.
    Arrows inside the boundary box indicate the flow of the entered text based on the current justification setting.

  6. In the Multiline Text Editor, enter the text.
  7. Text that extends beyond the boundary box width wraps to the next line.

  8. To apply formatting to words or characters, see “Formatting Multiline Text.”
  9. To use stacked text, see “Creating Stacked Text.”
  10. To convert text to uppercase as you enter it, double-click AutoCAPS.
  11. Choose OK.

Command line MTEXT
Related -MTEXT creates and formats multiline text on the command line only.


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