Creating Linear Dimensions

Linear dimensions create distance measurements between two points in the XY plane of the current user coordinate system (UCS). You can specify the points or select an object. There are three types of linear dimension:

  • Horizontal: Measures a distance between two points parallel to the X axis.
  • Vertical: Measures a distance between two points parallel to the Y axis.
  • Rotated: Measures a distance between two points at a specified orientation in the current UCS.

Although AutoCAD measures all three dimensions from the same points, the measurements differ because the linear distances are not the same.


When you start a linear dimension, AutoCAD creates a horizontal or vertical measurement automatically based on where you place the dimension. You can also specify the type of linear dimension explicitly.

To create a linear dimension

  1. From the Dimension menu, choose Linear.
  2. At the prompt, specify the first and second dimension points, or press ENTER and select an object to dimension.
  3. Before you place the dimension, you can enter one of the following options to edit and position the dimension text.
  4. To edit dimension text using the Multiline Text Editor, enter m.

    The angle brackets (<>) represent the calculated measurement. In the Multiline Text Editor, enter text before or after the angle brackets to add text before or after the dimension text. To replace the dimension text, delete the brackets, and then enter the new text. Choose OK.

    To edit dimension text on the command line, enter t.

    The text you enter on the command line replaces the original text. Press ENTER to display the new text. To restore the original dimension text, enter t.

    To rotate the dimension text, enter a, and then enter the text rotation angle.
    To rotate the dimension, enter r, and then enter the dimension rotation angle.
    To specify a horizontal or vertical dimension, enter h or v.

  5. Specify the dimension line location.

Command line DIMLINEAR


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