Creating Center Marks and Centerlines

You can indicate the centers of circles and arcs using center marks and centerlines. You can also format the size of center marks and centerlines.


To create a center mark

  1. From the Dimension menu, select Center Mark.
  2. Select the circle or arc for which you want to create a center mark.

Command line DIMCENTER

You format center marks on the Lines and Arrows tab of the Dimension Style dialog box. You can change the size of the center marks, and turn center mark and centerline display on and off.


#1 sal on 01.06.11 at 3:20 am

autocad will give me centerpoints for circles for example….but can it do the same for a rectangle? if yes how do i insert this “centerline” horizontally and vertically in a rectangle or square object?

thank in advance

#2 Lito on 01.06.11 at 2:21 pm

you have to make diagonal lines to get the center point of a rectangle.

#3 linnette on 01.26.11 at 5:17 am

how do i rotate a center mark

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