Creating and Editing Custom Dictionaries

A custom dictionary is a list of spelling exceptions that you have identified. The files that contain them can be identified by the .cus file extension. You can use any third-party text editor to add and delete words or to combine dictionaries. If a word is preceded by a tilde (~), AutoCAD always flags the word as incorrect.
You also can create and edit dictionaries from inside AutoCAD.

To create or edit custom dictionaries during a spelling check

  1. In the Check Spelling dialog box, choose Change Dictionaries.
  2. In the Change Dictionaries dialog box under Custom Dictionary, specify the dictionary you want to edit using one of the following methods:
  3. To specify a dictionary, enter its name, using the .cus file extension.
    To select from a list of directories, choose Browse.
    To create a new custom dictionary, enter a new name. Use the .cus file extension.

  4. To add a word, enter it under Custom Dictionary Words. Then choose Add.
  5. To remove a word, select it from the list. Then choose Delete.
  6. Choose OK.

Command line SPELL
Related You also can edit the CUS file (an ASCII file). Each word in the CUS file must be on a line by itself.


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