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Links to other sites is one of the most important factor for any website or blogs to rank well in search engines. Ranking well in search engines means traffic to you sites. There are many ways to exchange links to other websites and one of them is including a directory in your websites so you can place the links. The reason is, it will not be search engine friendly for your website is you will just put any kind of links in just one page. You have to categorize them. Creating many categories and updating them is really a pain if you will just use a website editor and not automate them.

Including a directory in a website was already a standard to many websites but there is non for blogs. But now, there is a WordPress plug in I found that can automate the process. I have installed one myself, just click the link “directory” in the upper right corner of this page above menu. Installation is a snap. Just follow the instruction in the downloadable zip file. However, there are some tweeks you have to do in your theme index.php if your theme is not compatible but most WP themes will work just fine. I’ll just post some tips here . Please exchange links with me after you install it or before installation you can submit your link in the directory page to try it out for demo.

This plugin provides all the features of a link directory.

# Creation of link categories, sub-categories with descriptions
You can create any number of categories with description in the directory, including sub-categories.

# Quick add of link from admin backend and visitor front-end
Your visitor will be able to click on this link “Insert your link here”, it will pop out a form below for submission. Clean and simple.

# Search engine for admin to find link
You can search for a particular link based on its title, domain name, email address, etc

# Easy integration to your WordPress theme
You don’t have to worry about the template because this directory will use your WordPress theme. You can easily modify styling using the external style sheet provided in the directory folder.

# Backlink cleansing for checking reciprocal links
Checks each reciprocal links and see if the site is linking back to you as it promised. A list of broken links will be listed and you can either remove them or do something else.

# Non-reciprocal link allowance
You can Allow non reciprocal links and then the link will not be checked when performing link cleansing check.

# Email notification templates
Plugin allows you to set a custom email template system for link notification and approval.

# SEO friendly url rewrite
SEO friendly URL rewrite feature, that re-writes all url to search engine friendly format.

Download Link#1: Official Download Site: Worpress Link Exchage Plug in

Download Link#2: If however, the site above is offline, you can download it here: Worpress Link Exchage Plug in

I have edited the code on the second download link to remove the error showing on the dashboard which I’ve encountered when I first install the plug in. Feel free to ask and post your questions below and will respond ASAP. Happy link exchanging! 🙂

Update: I have removed the plugin because I don’t need it anymore.


#1 Michael on 09.05.09 at 8:53 pm

Hi Lito,

For some reason the plug doesn’t even shows in the plug in section. I uploaded as you advised wp-admin into the WP section wp-admin and the wp_linkdirectory_plugin file (without and with ) to the lug-in section of the WP. still something is wrong. Don’t even know what to think next.


#2 Mike on 09.07.09 at 9:07 pm

Here is very simple and SEO friendly Automatic Link Exchange for WordPress blogs

#3 Just For Laugh on 10.12.09 at 7:46 pm

This plugin sometimes does not match with the templates, so you have to change the template if you want this to work. thanks


#4 zura on 11.06.09 at 12:37 pm

sound’s great, I’d love to try this one..
hope it will meet my need.

thanks for share.. 🙂

#5 Aditya Perdana on 07.04.10 at 11:49 pm

wow… thanks you
that very useful for me

please visit to

#6 Zashime on 07.14.10 at 11:22 pm

Thanks for this, will still try to use this… hope it works

#7 Alex J on 10.01.10 at 1:01 am

Great post and great plugin, i will use it on my site Thanks

#8 Bob on 10.19.10 at 10:01 am

Nice. Will give it a try.

Thanks for all your efforts

#9 accommodation vietnam on 07.05.11 at 9:44 pm

Thank for deveplo. we need plugin pro

#10 Consultor SEO on 08.08.11 at 7:00 pm


Is this plugin reliable?. I’m desperately searching for a “definitive” link exchange plugin for WordPress to use on several sites.


#11 admin on 08.11.11 at 6:29 pm

@Consultor SEO

So far I didn’t have problems using this.

#12 Consultor SEO on 08.27.11 at 5:58 am

> “I have removed the plugin because I don’t need it anymore.”

Hi again:

Don’t need it anymore? Can you explain it?. Why? Have you found a better solution?

#13 admin on 09.09.11 at 5:56 pm

@Consultor SEO
What I mean is I’m not into link exchange anymore.

#14 branding on 10.13.11 at 2:59 am

i have come across many link exchange plugins but didn’t found the best till date…will check out this for sure…hope this helps out..thanks for sharing

#15 inasport on 01.16.12 at 5:33 am

why u removed it, so this plugin not work ?

#16 Tim on 03.21.12 at 1:55 am

Hi, I really like this plugin because it does everything a premium plugin would do and it’s free! However I do have an issue. My sidebar is not displaying. I tried adding from the index page as above (03.10.08) but I can’t get it to display. Do you have time to offer a little help?

#17 Ibrahim Ammar on 04.13.12 at 3:46 pm

hi, do you know a plugin that exchanges backlinks automatically ??

#18 Prasad Pawar on 04.27.12 at 2:49 pm

Nice information Buddy.. Thanks for sharing..!

#19 mobile pay per click advertising on 07.12.12 at 1:22 am

Hello, just wanted to tell you, I liked this article. It was practical.

Keep on posting!

#20 Leo Garcia on 03.22.14 at 6:36 am

Thank you. Ive been looking for a script to do link exchanges. This make is really easy.

#21 Gino on 09.07.14 at 4:07 pm

Hello I installed the plugin via FTP and set te permissions of the temp map to 777 but the Plugin not showing in dashboard plugins section.

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