Controlling Layer Visibility in AutoCAD

AutoCAD does not display or plot the objects drawn on invisible layers. Layers that are frozen or off are invisible in the drawing. If you need an unobstructed view when working in detail on a particular layer or set of layers, you can turn off layers or freeze layers. You can also freeze, turn off layers, or turn off plotting for visible layers if you don’t want to plot certain details such as construction or reference lines.

The method you choose to control a layer’s visibility depends on how you work and the complexity of your drawing. You can freeze layers that you want to be invisible for long periods of time. Frozen layers are not calculated when you regenerate, hide, or render objects. You can turn layers off rather than freeze them if you plan to switch layers frequently from visible to invisible.

You can only plot layers that are on and thawed. You can also control whether the layer is plotted or not plotted.


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