Changing the Length of Objects in AutoCAD

You can change the angle of arcs, and you can change the length of open lines, arcs, open polylines, elliptical arcs, and open splines. The results are similar to both extending and trimming. You can alter the length in several ways:

Dragging an object’s endpoint (dynamically)

  • Specifying a new length as a percentage of the total length or angle
  • Specifying an incremental length or angle measured from an object’s endpoint
  • Specifying the object’s total absolute length or included angle

To change an object’s length by dragging

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Lengthen.
  2. Select an object, or enter dy to enter Dynamic Dragging mode.
  3. Select the object to lengthen.
  4. Drag the endpoint closest to the point of selection, and specify a new endpoint.

Command line LENGTHEN


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