Chamfering Polylines and Polyline Segments

If the two objects you select are segments of a polyline, they must be adjacent or separated by one arc segment.

You can chamfer an entire polyline so each intersection is chamfered. For best results, keep the chamfer distances equal. In the following example, you chamfer a closed polyline by setting both chamfer distances to equal values.


To chamfer an entire polyline

  1. From the Modify menu, choose Chamfer.
  2. Enter p (Polyline).
  3. Select the polyline.


The polyline is chamfered using the current chamfer method and the default distances or angle.

When you chamfer an entire polyline, AutoCAD chamfers only the segments that are long enough to accommodate the chamfer distance. In the following illustration, some polyline segments were too short to be chamfered.

Chamfers added to a polyline become new segments of that polyline, even if the chamfer distance is 0.


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